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    2006 stx15f is my meter dead or could i have another problem

    Yesterday after a full day of riding i got back to the dock and shut it off to load it on the trailer, then upon restart i noticed my screen was completely blank and the beep noise it makes wasnt happening. All wiring is good and connected the batt is fully charged and it still starts right up. What do you guys think?

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    Back of the lcd connections, make sure they are clean and tight, no corrosion behind rubber boot. I replaced 2 of them on my ultra 150s they do go bad

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    You mean the 3 connectors off the actual screen..all 3 seem tight and clean. I also popped the rubber seal out of the back of the cluster and dont smell anything burnt and can see anything through the hile that looks bad.

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    Scrape the contacts inside the connectors clean with a small blade, like an X-acto knife. Spray with contact cleaner, then plug in. Make sure the connector is tight. Sounds like it's either not getting power, or it has water inside. If cleaning the contacts doesn't work, remove the gauge and remove the rubber plug on the back. Try drying it with a hair dryer. If it starts working, dry it thoroughly, then seal the plug and wires with 3M 5200 before putting everything back together.

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    Problem solved one of the junction boxes or what ever their called was completely packed full of some black gook. Just a little contact cleaner and it worked as it should. The boxes in talking about i found with the wiring schematics. The 3 boxes where all powers and grounds meet next to the gas tank

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