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    Yamaha 2009 FZR SHO need help with new PWC Please HELP

    I just bought a 2009 Yamaha FZR SHO 82 hours now it has 85 hours after my ride. I bought it a little over a week ago. I took it out Saturday and seems to run good it has some upgrades. Most were installed by the original owner. I'm the third owner the second owner hasn't been much help just gave me a list of upgrades. I want to identify these parts
    1 so I know what they are
    2 to know if they have been installed properly
    3 they are working properly
    4 I can maintain the parts properly
    *cooling and flushing these parts. Things have been deleted and added I want to make sure flushes are going properly and they have added the correct parts to make these parts work properly and haven't deleted something important. I see new cooling/water lines some not being used new lines being used mostly the intercooler.
    *The intake has a breather filter line that has been capped off but I don't see a breather filter.
    These are just some of my worries as I think of new ones I will post. I'm honestly a little scared to run it and am I maintaining and flushing properly? I don't know whats going on with it and the previous owner was Vague and not much help. I will say I ran it for 2.5 hours and it seemed to run good a little cold blooded at first and SUPER LOUD!!! but ran good, the temp was good, and the oil is clean. I got a pretty good deal on it or at least I think that I did especially with the upgrades they put money in it and the hours are pretty low for the age.

    ~I can see some of these upgrades~

    *I can identify it has an air intake however I'm not sure the brand I believe it's Riva I will post pics soon it has been wrapped with an insulated tape.

    *R&D intake grate

    *Exhaust which I was told is Riva free flow however looks different then what I've seen in pictures I have pictures below please help me identify what it is. in the pic is a water line or hose of some sort coiled up what is this?
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20150805_221239.jpg 
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Name:	20150805_221207.jpg 
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    *"ride plate was replaced" but looks factory pics coming soon.

    *Riva intercooler pics coming soon.

    *Riva/HKS BOV kit

    *oil cooler OEM I believe but didn't come on the 2009 from the factory will post pics soon.

    *jet trim seat cover looks pretty new

    *temp gauge digital on the cup holder box

    *boost gauge which I'm told isn't working properly it's digital on the cup holder box I'm not sure what usual is to know.

    *A/F ratio gauge digital built into the mirror it's behind the mirror with a section of the mirror sanded so that it is transparent.

    *Innovate LC-1 What is this? What does it do? How do I control it or change/set it? Picture is below. I know it has something to do with the A/F ratio is it to read for the air fuel ratio gauge or to adjust fuel?
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20150805_221026.jpg 
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    *Electric cooling fan upgrade homemade but works well when running slow, stopped, or idling I can lift the small rear seat up push the putton and the fan pulls all fumes and hot air out of the hull. It works really well and I could see a difference on the temp gauge shortly after used. I added pictures.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20150805_221333.jpg 
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Name:	20150805_221342.jpg 
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    ~Some upgrades I can't see to identify~

    *Supercharger wheel

    *Supercharger gears

    *Riva ribbon delete

    Can these be identified? what is the easiest way to identify these?

    Sorry pictures are in random places this is my first post. I'm tired its late and I have to work wake up and work in 4 hours I'm going to bed. Thanks for your time.
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    Who told you they don't come with an oil cooler?

    Also can you post a pic of the afr gauge in the mirror, I need to find a spot to mount mine

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    I misunderstood what he said about the oil cooler it has the Riva engine cooling kit I thought he was saying the oil cooler is Riva.

    I'm told the air fuel ratio gauge isn't reading properly something else I will have to work out. This is what the innovate LC-1 is for. 7.4 lb. of pressure can't be right.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The intercooler is factory but has the Riva upgrade kit. I've figured that out by taking pics I couldn't really see much of it.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20150806_180708.jpg 
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    The boost gauge isn't reading properly. So 2 out of 3 gauges need to be worked on. The temp gauge works and is the most important in my opinion.

    I found the breather filter so that's good.

    Does anyone know what the exhaust is in the picture?
    What is the hose coiled in the picture it goes up into the handle/seat bracket mount?

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20150805_221207.jpg 
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Name:	20150805_221239.jpg 
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    Is this the OEM factory ride plate? It looks like it to me however it could be one of Jims. I was told its been replaced. The intake grate in R&D that one was easy.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20150806_180506.jpg 
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Name:	20150806_180523.jpg 
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    The exhaust is definitely not OEM but it does not look like a Riva. It does not matter, they all work about the same. Very loud, not a lot of performance gain.
    The Innovate LC-1 works with the AFR gauge. 7.4 seems wrong. It should be around 12.5 at idle. There is a calibration procedure that you should try. Google innovate LC-1.
    The Riva IC upgrade works pretty well. Eventually, you might want to upgrade to a Fizzle.
    The ride plate looks stock but I have an FX SHO and not a FZR so I might be wrong.
    As far as making sure you are flushing it out properly, make sure there is warm water coming out all of the "pissers" and the by the pump. Always start it first and then turn on the water.
    Good luck.

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    Thanks for the help @expedition. I have messed with it a little more I changed plugs today. I've had some time to look it over a little better. I m going to look at riva cooling kit install instructions and stock hoses trace everything see where its all going. I contacted the original owner he told me he pulled the motor this past winter and changed out the clutch with drive gear assembly an update made in 2013. Has anyone tried the Worx silicone rear exhaust kit? I would like to know what they thought or a video with sound. I found plenty videos of the Riva rear exhaust but I like the silicone piping for heat and seems like a better solution to drone etc.
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