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    2009 Kawasaki Ultra 260X Questions

    Hi everyone, I bought an 09 ultra 260 and have some question on parts. Im coming from an old 2 stroke so there are many new parts i need to learn about. First what does the oil catch can do? Im guessing it catches excess oil from somewhere. Second what is the exhaust filter do? I'm guessing for emissions similar to a catalytic. And last does the ski have a clutch? If so why is it needed. All of my other skis where a direct drive from the shaft. Thanks for the help!

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    Try posting in the Kawasaki Section mate.

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    No clutch. Direct drive just as your old smokers.

    I don't think there is a filter in the exhaust in 09 but if there is one it keeps moisture from getting into your engine.

    Catch can catches oil as it condensates as hot gases escape the crankcase as the engine breathes.

    Hope this helps, Julio...

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    Sorry about that! I accidentally posted it in the wrong section. Thanks for the info though!

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