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    Quick carb ? 95 Sl750

    Rebuilt my carbs and still having issues.. Just figured out I did not pull out the High and Low needles and clean them while also replacing the o ring, could that be causing issues with trying to tune everything? I have a new top end, fuel pump, fuel lines, stator and a few other things.. Idles great but can't get much off idle. Everything else checks out fine, compression, no leaks,pop off,spark, ect.

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    If you can't get off idle, I would turn the highs in and then out 1 turn, then set the lows to factory and try it again.

    Then adjust lows for best 0-full start response. DO NOT go more than 30 ft or so for this part of the tuning!!!

    Then set the highs back to factory and tune for proper RPM at WOT. Don't touch the lows for this part.

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