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    Should I switch to triple outlet pump?

    So, just bought a 95 Polaris sl 750. Thing runs awesome and did a comp check before purchase. Hitting 127-130-127 across the board at 160 hours. The original owner pulled the oil tank and now it's premix they've been running 32:1. They replaced all the fuel lines, filters and such. Also removed the autocock. I have another 94 750 I'm rebuilding and put a new Mikuni triple outlet pump on. I'm wondering if I should do that to this one or should I wait for it to fail then replace it? I know these are known for burning a hole in the PTO piston (what happened to the 94). I'm looking to avoid that.

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    triple outlet for sure.

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    In order to avoid that you should rebuild the carbs, replace the fuel lines and upgrade to the 3 outlet fuel pump, also 32:1 is pretty thick with oil, In my opinion it would be a good idea to put the oil system back in place, the 95 even uses a variable pump! but thats all your decision, for sure there is nothing "Wrong" With premix. you can get all the genuine parts for the carb kits from John Zigler.

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