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    I think my exhaust manifold is leaking water (05' FX HO CRUSIER)

    After washing down the ski and flushing it, i noticed that that water was coming out of the exhaust manifold (on the left side of the engine). It looks like it is coming out of a bolt, but who knows could be a crack or corrosion issue.

    Attached some pictures for reference.

    I'm contemplating removing the exhaust manifold and putting on a new gasket, but wanted to know if i need to remove the engine in order to do this, which by the way, i do not want to do this...

    Does anyone know if i have to remove the engine??

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    The first picture with the upper most circle that is a crack so your manifold is due for replacement and from the looks of it been used in salt water so that is to be expected.

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    Yes, i think you are right. This ski has a significant amount of corrosion throughout the engine.

    Do you know if i need to pull the engine in order to replace the exhaust?

    I am thinking about doing this myself, but i have never pulled an engine before. Actually, pulling it out sounds fun, but i'm worried i will never get it back in and running right again.

    Pulling it out of the water this week and doing some further investigation and need to figure out if i should bring it to someone or attempt myself.


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