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    1995 Polaris SL 650 STD Should I rebuild or part out?

    Hi, new to posting to the thread here, what an awesome site! Anyways picked up a couple good running ski's over last weekend and the guy threw in a 95 polaris sl 650 std. The hull looks nice and so does the graphics, and a clean title! Well he tells me that 1 cylinder was low compression. I don't really check it out at his place since I had a 2 hour drive ahead of me home.

    Remember I basically got this thing for free! Well pull the seat off to check the massacre. Whoever ran the compression tests wrote the results on the heads. They got 115-115-60. Well the 60psi came from the PTO cylinder, which I know Polaris are prone to since I just rebuilt the top end on my 94 SL 750. Well for some reason they had the MAG cylinder off too. So when I tried turning the crank a little to get a better look at the Mag piston it wouldn't turn what so ever!

    Looked into the crank case and can see its got plenty of oil in there. Well it looks like it may have got rain or something in the hull while it sat and the top exposed parts of the cranks and rods are rusted enough to cause the engine to not turn freely. Well in my experience I've been able to free up a seized car motor with some diesel fuel and waiting.

    I'm wondering if I could just try and free this engine up and proceed with Top end repairs or am I just dreaming and now its screwed? The lower half (from what I can feel) that's sitting in the oil feels good it seems to be just the exposed part of the crank and 2 rods. (they left the center cylinder bolted down).

    BTW: The other ski's I picked up were a 93 SeaDoo 650 and a 95 Polaris SL 750, both excellent running with excellent compression!!

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    Seems like you already have a handle on what to check for. All depends on whether rust has gotten into the crankcase or connecting rod bearings.

    If it was me I would pull the engine and inspect on the work bench. Just so much easier to work with the engine out of the hull. You have to fix the low compression cylinder anyways, so why not extract the engine and do a proper inspection?

    See my signature links for lots of good info including recommended maintenance and known issues.

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