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    215 hp motor swap - 2008 motor into 2006 hull

    I had a question on a hull I just bought, it is a 2006 RXT 215 hull with a blown motor. I sourced a running 2008 215 motor.
    1) what will i have to change on the motor, drive system or hull to do the swap?
    2) can i use the 2006 ecm and computer and direct plug in to 2008 motor
    3) will this be a direct bolt in, plug in and go ?
    4) am I missing anything, what do I need to change or do to make this happen?

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    Someone will correct me if I am wrong, but the 06 and 08 should be the exact same. They both have the same ecu and sensors, so it will be a direct swap, no change for anything.

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    thanks lightning !
    no one else can comment is it is a straight plug and play bolt on and go with out any issues?

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    Everything should plug right up, worst case scenario you have to swap the engine harness off of the blown 06 into the 08 engine, but i don't think you will even have to do that.

    The major thing that i would recommend is a good engine alignment, if the pump to hull alignment is poor it would be a good time to fix that too. There are a few good threads on alignment issues, while you have it apart save yourself a headache later and align the whole thing properly.

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