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    What Trailer to Buy

    Looking at buying a new double trailer for two Yamaha GP1200R's. What brand should I buy. Should I go with Aluminum,Steel or Galvinized. What do you all recommend. Thanks for the help.

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    If you can find one, the welded aluminum Triton brand trailers with torsion axle are well regarded. Choose the Triton Elite or higher end model with all stainless steel bolt hardware, so no rusting. The torsion axles ride smoothly and quiet on the road, no leaf springs to rust, rattle or break.

    If you will be launching into salt or brackish waters then stay away from painted steel trailers. Galvanized can be OK but personally I prefer the welded aluminum Triton product.

    If you are shopping used note that Triton revised their trailers around the year 2000 or just after. The older versions are rated for less weight and are overall smaller. The newer models are stronger and have more room should you ever buy a recent model watercraft that is larger and heavier.

    On any used trailer, replace all the tires (including the spare) if the trailer tires are more than five years old, regardless of the remaining tread depth or how good they 'look'. Trailer tires did from exposure and time, not tread wear. When they get old they become fragile and the tire rubber becomes less flexible. The risk of sudden tire failure at speed rises as the tires get older.

    There are other things to check on an older trailer, especially the wheel bearings and the electrical/lights.
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    Triton for the win!! I picked up an LT II for fresh water use and wow its nice even with a spring axle. Little bouncy unless loaded might retrofit a torsion axle later on for fun.

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    Trition Alum Trailers...All the way.
    They are the best in the industry... You will not regret the purchase.
    I have a WCII eiite and a 4 place elite..

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