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    Seadoo rotary shaft oil elimination

    Ive rebuilt many Seadoo Rotax engines. Some have been previously converted to premix and left that same way when they left my hands. But the burden of having to keep the oil tank is getting to me. Lines run to a case cavity for the crankshaft that have the 2 seals that nutritiously leak after old age, and require a $250 expense. Is there no fluid that anyone has tried to run in the case sealed up? I have been lead to believe that the qualities of the Seadoo XPS oil require a decent amount of fluid to be circulating. I may be wrong about this, but I figured there might be a better, possibly thicker fluid to run in this cavity.
    The reason for asking is this 787DI motor that was taken apart today to find JBweld in both elbow fittings on the case, and some sort of bearing like grease stuffed inside. The engine ran hot and had decent scoring in the mag cylinder leading to low compression.
    I dont see it as being related, but the grease I need to clean out was someones attempt at a solution, or just plain stupidity..
    Id love to hear some of your guys opinions.

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    Well... they never made a 787 Di... they made 787 RFI motors... it's possible that you have an RFI... you can't premix an RFI because of the location of the fuel injector. The bottom end won't get lubed and it will die very quickly after changing it to premix. Probably what killed that one...

    As far as a solution or other oil, in my opinion it's a waste of time... I highly value RELIABILITY... so i just buy reman motors with warranties and roll on. I don't like unhappy customers either... and i would expect someone to get pissed off if i half assed their ski all to pieces with gear oil and stop leak...

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    I have converted MANY to pre-mix including my personal machines. I use the oem oil lines and loop them. I add a 1/2" pex elbow or tee fitting to add the lube. Put in some oil stop leak if crank seals are leaking and fill the rest with 85-90w synthetic gear lube. Never had any issues this way and the stop leak can get you a couple more seasons without changing the crank out because of bad seals.

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