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    2002 GTX DI.... the Ford 6.0 of water craft???? Help needed!

    Hey all,

    Got a pair of 02 GTX DI's long story short, one was sucking water so fresh rebuild by long time tech, got it running and it needed a TPS, so he changed that, had it running tops briefly then died, said it was the fuel pump, not wanting to waste a weekend and having already figured that was coming I had a brand new High Flow, shop couldn't do it that late on a Friday so I grabbed the ski and swapped it out, I am very mechanically incline, just not a huge data base in my head on this model (slowly growing though while bank account dwindles). Swapped out the pump and boom, ran like a champ Sunday, after 6 weeks of battle I felt vindicated...... Until today.... fired up and idled out like a champ, BUT....

    For some reason it now runs smooth up to about 4000 rpm, then runs rough till about 4500, then at 5000 it runs rough again until about 5500 rpm and then maxs out at 5800, a few times it would get to 6300 briefly, so I am now perplexed? Here is what I have done so far:

    Complete rebuild including new crank, w .010 over pistons
    new volt reg
    new TPS
    New High flow pump
    New plugs on rebuild and changed today
    Injectors checked, one replaced with good used

    One thing that concerned me when installing the fuel pump was the slip connection on the fuel line inside the spring that pushed the canister tight to the bottom of the tank, to me this connection shouldn't hold 107 PSI, everything else is double clamped but this connection slips freely?

    another thing I noticed today and not sure if related but the water ejection port on the left side of the hull at one point had no water coming out, but had steam coming out, after a bit water came out again, but is very hot, engine gauge says E temp ran between 89 and 98 degrees all day and I could put my hands anywhere on the cylinders and would have to agree it was about 90 degrees, so why the steam and hot water out of that 1/4' port??? I also ran it wo the seat and noticed there was no water moving through the clear hose that comes off the Tee in the large black main cooling line???

    Only variable that changed from Sunday to today was the fuel, Sunday was 91 octane BP gas with a few oz of oil, (aprox 8 oz) for break in, and touch of startron E treatment , today I topped off with 93 octane zero E fuel from the marina and added about the same oil, however our other ski (this one's twin) was way lower on fuel and we put the same fuel in it, and while that ski has had a constant issue with only reach 6000 and bogging beyond 6000 it ran as it has all summer.

    Any help would be great, and I once found an article on how to make a fuel pressure gauge for this ski, but now of course when I want it I can't find it again, so if anyone has a link to that please let me know.

    Thanks gang, I am starting to feel like I have another Ford 6.0 on my hands, a great motor too after a complete rebuild, re design, and a ton of $$$$$

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    E temp is environment aka outside air.

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    You'll need a 5/16 tee fitting 5/16 hose and some clamps. Remove the supply line from the pump the one with the filter on it attatch a short piece of hose to pump then put the tee on it and attach the line on the filter to the tee then put another hose on the tee with the gauge attached should be 25 or so when installing key and 105 or so when cranking and running. The exact numbers are in the manual but I think that's close you can download a free manual @ also you should replace the filter if you haven't already . There's a post some where about using one from an 85 or 86 f150 I believe

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