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    exaust manifold too hot

    has anyone had the exaust manifold getting to hot. i have blown out all the water lines to and from the manofold and the intercooler.ive had a big loss of rps down to 7600 to 7700 have always run at least 7900. i dont think the supersharger clutch is the problem. i have awesome bottom end power and top end is not there. could this be a problem with the knock sensor. i have brought it to the dealer since its under waranty but not confident in there work. the service manager said that he has never seen the rxp's rpm go higher than 7600. which i and everyone on greenhulk knows is bullshit that there skis hits well over 7600. if anyone can help please reply need to get more info for when they call me tomorrow with some BS story that it runs fine.

    THANKS Anthony

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    Have you checked the strainer in the pump?

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    yes everything looks fine

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    Have u checked for a fault code if its electrical it should display a code

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    how do you do that by holding the set or mode button for 5 seconds. if so i did and get nothing. sometimes when i put the key in and try to start the ski the instrament cluster goes off and takes awhile to start.

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    your info center may not be storing codes. and codes from days prior will not be displayed most times. You need to have your dealer connect the ski to buds and see the fault history.

    dealer says 7700 is acceptable because seadoo says it's acceptable. it's good enough for them. if they call seadoo tech line and be like listen i have an rxp that wont reach top speed and only turns 7700 rpms, they MIGHT troubleshoot for a little bit, then they call it quits eral quick because 7700 is good enough

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    its at the dealer now they will call me tomorrow and let me know what the problem is. i hate these fuckers and bruce in chalmette is shut down

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    It's just a suggestion!!
    Possible it's a chamber in the exhaust demper sometime they come lose and block of the emisions!!! So it can't cool of!! you can check it to put de exhaust out of the ski and chake it!!If you hear something ;there is inside a demage! you have to replace it ore open it and put the broken chamber out. It make's a little bit more nose than

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    didnt you also take out the water box? i might be mistaken but i though you took it out a while back. if its out that might have somthing to do with it

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    it was put back in just wanted to see what it sounded like without it. thw dealler looked it over and sait there was nothing wrong and didnt charge me. we will see the next time i go out.

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