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    Moving up from Spark's

    So about a little over a year ago I purchased two 90hp sparks. Love them and have no complains other then the "dry storage" is almost non existent. Anyway might have a buyer and trying to see what ski will be best for me next. I love how the sparks can be thrown around with ease and its like a moped on the water but when I take a 40 minute ride south you definitely take a beating. For the girlfriend and family I'm going to get the GTI SE 130 in blue. For myself I want something with the T3 hull but also have a lot of power. Rxt seems like a good choice unless i just went with the GTR215. Wanted to hear some opinions.

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    Get the 155se for the family. Not much price difference and a bit more power to help keep up with your ski. Better resale I would think as well.

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    If you want the T3 hull specifically then the RXPX is the only model that uses it. The RXT would use the S3 hull, and the GTR215 would use the GTI hull. With one person, the T3 hull is an absolute blast and very good in the rough. With two people, it is hard to keep it planted in the rough. The only time I wish I had an S3 hull is when I have a passenger and the waves start getting bigger (2ft+)

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