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    Help with seadoo gsx 787

    eadoo GSX (1997) 787 engine

    First time engine overhaul (both for engine and for me) Learning as I go. So far so good, Engine has been out replaced both pistons, rings, all seals and gaskets, overhauled the carbs... i have everything back in, aligned up for the driveshaft, and I am trying to get the lines all hooked up.
    I have the lines all on the engine (carbs still off but all lines and cables still hooked up, just laying besides the engine (in the hull) )
    I already added the 30ml of oil to the counterbalance reserve prior to installing engine. I decide to add some oil to the oil tank via the out side - starboard side oil fill tube.
    As soon as I did the return and supply lines filled with oil then the entire crank housing filled to the point it started pouring out of the open intake port where the carbs attach...but only out of the piston that was at top center

    What is happening.. what did i do wrong, or what is wrong. I can get the oil out of course prior to start up... but does the oil tank actually retain oil or is it a free flow

    I would like to know what is wrong and fix it to stock..for now.. just so i have a base to build off of...
    It didn't take it but a minute to fill the crank and over flow out the intake..
    thanks for helping a newbie

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    Check rotary gear seal ..

    There's 2 on the crank either side of gear or the single seal behind the gear at the disk ..

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    +1 on the crank seals. What did you do to overhaul? Top end only? Did you split the cases? If so, you could have pinched these seals when putting the case halfs back together.

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