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    2009 rxt/ rxt x manifold difference.

    Hey guys got a question I have a 09 rxt-x and was looking at the kit to remove the stock intake filter element. The kit is $170.00. Now I have a manifold from a 09 rxt with the stock internal intercooler in it. The also sell a block off plate for it for $60.00. Are the the same manifold or is there some difference between them?

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    The intake manifolds are exactly the same other than one having the intercooler in it

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    well they are close, the 215 intercooler has the flame arrestor built in it
    while the X has the flame arrestor that is a POS to remove

    so yes, it would be cheaper and easier to use the 215 manifold
    and the block off plate has ports for boost gauge or rrfpr
    just make sure you remove the foam gasket that is at the TB side
    it can come out when you remove the IC or it may be stuck
    there are a few threads where that gasket gets stuck in the valves
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    Great thanks for the info

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