I have a '04 GTX SC that has a top post terminal nut and stud on the oil separator that will turn easilyso i assume the coil lead has broken away from the stud and needs replacing. From what I've learned it appears I need a 956660 or the superseded 956661. Shooter98xpl had a 956666 on hand was gracious enough and very helpful to ship it to me to see if it works. Running a query on the 956666 it appears for the '04 line up it only fits the RXP and and fits '05 GTX SC as well as others. Does anyone know the difference between the two or if it will work on my '06 GTX? Physically it appears the same other than the mounting bolts are on about a 1" post. I'm not sure if the operating stroke is different or not or if the current draw or ohms is different. I knid of hate try it and chance messing something else up!

Thanks in advance for any help!!!