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    Having problems with 2009 Speedster 150 255hp, possibly fuel injectors

    I bought the boat from some local people who had had it since it was new and only had 25 hours on it when i bought it. It spent most of it's life in a boat house and sat for long periods of time, hence the low hours despite being 6 years old when i bought it. Anyway, I've since managed to get the hours up to 45 and have had a lot of fun with the boat, but there's a problem that seems to keep popping up. When I first bought it and drove it around, it was very weak and under powered, only getting up to about 25 mph. Luckily after babying it for a couple minutes it perked up and was performing just like it should. The thing is, any time the boat sits up for more than a week or so the problem pops right back up. I had initially chalked it up to getting rid of some bad gas that was probably still in the system, but that should be long gone at this point. I had decided to just deal with the problem the best i could until winter comes and I'd have more time to fool around with it, especially since the closest Sea-Doo shop is 2 hours away. But this weekend the problem progressed even further: It had been 3 weeks since I had run the boat but decided to take it down to the lake and have some fun with a couple friends. Went to launch it and it didn't want to start. It would just start to catch at the end of the cranking sequence but then give out because it wasn't getting enough fuel, so i reached my hand under the hood and manually worked the throttle while cranking it and managed to get it to start. It was acting the way it had in the past, only even worse. Now, instead of just making it up to 25 mph, i was barely able to make it to 8. I decided to go ahead and try to work it out like I had before, but didn't seem to be having any luck. Finally, after probably 20 minutes of puttering around she decided to liven up, going from 8 to 55 mph in a heart beat! I thought I was in the clear, but when i tried to idle back down it proceeded to start the whole mess all over again, putting me at square one.

    All I can think is that the old gas must've done a number on the fuel injectors from sitting up all that time, but I'm not having any luck finding videos to help walk me through cleaning them or the fuel rails. Does anyone have any other ideas about what might be causing this or how to better remedy the situation? I'm also planning on swapping out the spark plugs just for good measure.

    Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

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    Change the plugs first.

    The injectors come out very easily with two bolts to remove the rail and injectors. remove the whole assembly then hit the start button - you will be able to see if the injectors are shooting a proper mist. fyi - that can be dangerous use caution. - or most auto store and easily test them for you. There are a lot of good used injectors for sale.

    Good luck

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