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    2012 Kawasaki Ultra 300x adjustable handlebar slop issue

    Picked up a 2012 300x with only 23 hrs. Absolutely incredible machine, a real work of art.
    I noticed while riding it for the first time that the adjustable handlebar has a small amount of up-down movement (slop) regardless of which position I pick. What I mean is, once I choose a handlebar position and the latch locks that position in, I can still move the bars up and down ever so slightly. Basically it has vertical slop. Is this normal? I would have thought that the locking mechanism would be ROCK SOLID considering the overall build of this ski.

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    welcome to the wonderful world of sloppy kawasaki steering systems.... They all have it, even the 2015 16,000 310R... I made brass shims out of shim stock, cut circular washers out of different thickness shim stock like .005 to .009 installed between the steering components and managed to get about half the slop of my 300x steering.... I believe there was a write up about how to do it... This was about 4 years ago,,, I need to get around to doing it again on the new 310

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    and its not even noticeable once riding..

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