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    2003 Ultra 150 handlebar cover

    I am new to the ultra world and i am trying to find some after market parts for it with out a whole lot of luck.

    Can anyone tell me if the handlebar covers are the same for an 2003 ultra 150 and a stx 12 ?
    they look similar to me but i have never seen one in person.
    Blacktip makes one for about every ski but the ultra it seems.

    Also if anyone has any used performance parts they would like to sell let me know i figure i will start with a shredmaster ride plate and beach house sponsons. i would buy them new if i could find them.


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    Skip on a handlebar cover and take off stock bars. Install 4 degree stand up bars and new grips with throttle trigger! Wont regret the look I promise you! Good luck finding plate and sponsons from those manufacturers. Easier to find R&D plate plus ADA or Worx sponsons.

    Take a look at Jettrim seat covers as they were the original company doing all the covers. They could make you something custom like they did on mine.

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    No they are not the same

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