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    Engine electrical or jet pump problem?

    Need help trying to identify where to look to solve this problem.

    Last week I took out my 2000 xl 1200 limited and sucked up a rope. There was a thud but engine didn't stall. I was in a no wake zone so going slow when it happened. I limped back to launch ramp unable to do more then 5 mph at about 4000 rpm any higher rpm just resulted in a lot of vibration. Got ski loaded up on trailer and brought back home. Removed intake grate and removed rope about 4 feet. Saw no rope remaining in jet nozzle looking in from rear of ski. By this time 40 minutes had passed. I then flushed the engine and washed down the ski. I know enough to have engine running before I turn hose on and I turn hose off and allow engine to run 2 or 3 minutes after disconnect of hose. All went fine.

    I went to use ski today but in trying to start it, it only made a short hum noise. It was like there wasn't any juice left in the battery but the battery is new this year. So I tried jumping it but still only hum noise. This noise only lasted 1 second and then stopped no matter how long I held the start button for. The noise didn't happen every time just the first attempt in a secession of 3. Then I let it rest for 5 minutes and tried another secession of 3 and same thing only first attempt gave the short hum noise.

    I checked the 2 main fuses, and they are fine. Digital display shows nothing but START when I press the start button. There is no water in the bilge and the starter is new. Top end was rebuilt beginning of this season and has about 15 hours on the build. I have not yet pulled plugs and tried to turn shaft by hand. I don't see how engine could have seized do to this, but I am not a mechanic. What is really confusing to me is I flushed it last week and there was no indication of any problem. No odd sound or strange vibration or difficulty starting.

    The starter is difficult to get to so inspection and tapping on starter was not done either. What else can I look into to try and get this thing going again?

    Thanks in advance.

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    You need to lay under the ski and check for rope in front of the impeller. You wouldn't see it looking in from the rear.

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    I removed plugs and was able to free spine shaft so engine is not seized. I traced back noise to E box. Inside box hum noise was coming from the starter solenoid relay. I don't know much about engines just what I can get off internet. The part number came up as the relay. There is no corrosion in the box and everything looks pristine inside so no moisture issues. I jiggled 1 of the wires that went into the relay and the engine then would turn over. I have ordered a new relay but while I have the box open is there anything else I should consider replacing keep in mind all other connections are clean and corrosion free.


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