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    96 Xp cranking problem

    I got a 96 xp. It cranks over really well with the plugs out but as soon as i out the plugs in it wont even spin one revelution. The battery is new and i checked battery and starter connections. Anyone have any ideas. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Could be a number of things - when this happened to me it was a bad connecting rod bearing. Best thing to do is isolate the motor from the pump and see if the motor spins freely by hand with the plugs out, and see how it spins with the plugs in.
    Obviously, check the pump for any obstructions too.

    Let us know what you find out.

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    ok ill try that tonight thanks

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    He says, "It cranks over really well with the plugs out......" so I doubt that there is a pump problem but it won't hurt to check.

    I think that you probably have battery cable problems. You said that the connections are clean but did you check all of them including the red, positive cable connections inside the electrical box?

    When the plugs are in, the starter is under way more load and the cables need to be able to transfer a ton of current. Old battery cables are known to corrode on the inside and are incapable of carrying the current required to spin an engine over with the plugs installed. They may look just fine from the outside but the inside is bad. Been there!

    I've also experienced a "tired" starter that needed to be rebuilt. Most people (including me!) will recommend using only the OEM, white, Denso starters. It's better to rebuild one than to use a cheaply built, aftermarket chinese starter that won't last.

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    +1 Battery, connections, cables, Starter, .....Something worse.....

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    He said he "checked the battery and starter connections" so your brilliant advice is to check the battery cable and connections?? He also never said that the connections were clean.... maybe he should change the spark plugs or check the lo settings on the carb...

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