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    97 xp electrical gremlin.. Anyone who can help.. Im lost

    I have a 97 xp. Who has haunted me for years now.. I have been letting it sit for years.. But now I'm looking for any help.

    Ok here goes.. Ski has 30 hrs or less. When I put the key on I get the seadoo beeps, the vts works and it stays on for the 30 sec timer.. But when I push the start button nothing. Like it does even recognize the you even pushed the button. Also when I push the button the 5 times it will not do the self diagnostic.

    Parts changed so far and inspections
    Fresh battery, new dess post, new buzzer, new start/stop button, all fuses seem to fine (front and rear box), starter electrical box no corrosion or rust, Both wiring harreness to the mped no corrosion.

    I'm stumped.. Anyone who can help I would be greatful!

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    get a doner or new mpem and put it in and see if that helps. Does the ski have gauges? do they light up or react when the key is put on post?

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    It looks like i'm inheriting a 97 xp. that's a basket case. I'm curious what you come up with.

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    then 97 is notorious for mpem connector problems due to the placement at the nose of the ski.

    inspect those connectors. do not probe them with anything use spray cleaner if need be. check the mpem body for burned connector pins. good flashlight is needed. Or pull the mpem.

    have you changed the solenoid? ..what happens when you jump the solenoid?

    the xp is a nitch machine , shame they only made it for a few years. some parts are tough to find.

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