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    GTX DI Rough Idle and Bogging Once Warm

    2002 GTX DI. New battery, stator output is 13.7V. I have not tested amperage output. Fuel pressure is 107psi.

    Jetski starts and runs fine, and will run great for 3-5 minutes, even up to NEAR WOT. I have lost 200 RPM's from WOT, and there is a slight miss occasionally on top. After that 3-5 minute period, if I slow to an idle, stop the ski, start back up, it will miss badly, run rough, and will run like the motor is choked. I can eventually with some throttle persuasion get it to clean up and start running at 4k+ rpm's, but nothing lower. The engine compartment smells VERY heavily of gas vapors. Plugs are a nice 2T brown, not wet. Air injectors are caked with carbon. Engine was rebuilt by SES 10 hours ago.

    I'm not even sure where to start with this one since it only occurs at warm+ only, and is not going into limp. Video below shows start and idle after 5 minutes of run time.

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    If fuel pressure remains steady and does not drop out while displaying these symptoms then I would start by ohming the knock sensor and the EGT sensor.

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    Where is the fuel smell coming from then? I will check the sensors.

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    Fuel smells can come from unburnt fuel building up in the engine.

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    I changed fuel and direct injectors. Same symptoms. I did not get a chance to check the sensors yet. Will try tomorrow.

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    Have you scanned it? I recently had a weird miss at certain rpms that got worse shortly after warm up and also lost 300 rpm turned out to be my atmospheric pressure sensor, easy fix but 125 buck piece of Bosch plastic...

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