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    I stand corrected... Lord mother of God I was wrong...

    So a few weeks ago I test rode a 2013 300X. I was on my way to pick up a 310R but was able to at least test ride a 300 so I could get a feel.

    I came back and posted that I didn't really think it was much faster than my Ultra 150, out of the hole and definitely not top end.

    I had a few members saying there was no way and comparing horsepower to weight ratio, I could see them similar. (with a few mods, my Ultra was consistently running 72.6 on radar)

    So today, I took a RPX-X to the lake (a friends) and though I must have sucked up a freakin' HUGE rock (it was caveating a bit on bottom end, it pulled pretty good through the range.

    I was on my way to meet up with my dealer friend who brought a 310 to the lake for me to test ride.

    HOLY&*(^$!#&$shit), my god-darn arms feel like someone ripped them out of the sockets. Goddamn, that thing is FAST out of the hole. I don't know what the heck was wrong with the 300 I test rode but it was night and day (I thought perhaps he gave me the wrong key...LOL)

    That thing just pulls and pulls and pulls.

    I thought it was way faster than the RPX-X so my wife and I raced (she's only been on a jetski 3 times) and though I haven't been on one for about 15 years, I used to race and can still play (except, I'm so sore from today, I think I'm going to apply for a handicap placard)

    We didn't race out of the hole because of the wear ring that was caveating so we did it from about 30 mph and up. I told her let's go into a cove where it'll be smoother because she won't be able to hang on when we hit the 2' chop. Bullshit, she hung on like a champ and we raced at least 20 times and then switched skis.

    I would pull on her using the 310 if we raced at about 30 but if we were doing anything higher than that, I couldn't pull on her and neither could she.

    We switched skis with the same results time after time. I'm completely stunned how she was able to hang on in that slop chop, the lake was BRUTAL today and busy as hell.

    I did like the fact that I could "play" on the RXP-X more than the 310 though you could spin it around, it took all your weight on one side to spin her out.

    So for those that I may have offended telling that the 300's didn't pull much better than my Ultra, I stand corrected.

    The 310 is ridiculous...


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    Glad you had a blast on both Watercraft, that's what it's all about.. I'd love to get a new 310 to replace my 300, but I think I am gonna keep it until the warranty is out then see if Kawasaki has any crazy new offerings at that time, besides bold new

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    Hands down the Kawasaki is a better stock unit than the Yamaha.....thought I'd never say it and hokey shit I was wrong too

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