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    08 Yamaha SHO Head with 2015 SHO Crankcase.....Will this work?

    Just wanted to throw this question up for the engine gurus on the forum. A good buddy of mine an 08 Yamaha FX SHO. The engine recently blew a piston n scoured the cylinders up severely (Sorry i dont have pics).

    He purchased a new (2015 FX SHO) crank case with pistons from Yamaha and has installed in on his 2008 Head.

    Will this setup work or will there be issues as the 2008 and 2015 pistons are different?

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    I have Make This Mod For a Customer ! Will Work Fine Piston Shape Is different

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    Thanks for the reply Paco972. The 2015 crank case and 2008 head matched up fine. The pistons in the 2015 crank case are different than the 2008 pistons. Everything seems fine except discovering the valves are leaking. Only getting 30psi on each cylinder.

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