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    Stock X pistons turbo boost safe range ..

    Ok guys after running 8 hours on my RXTX S3 with my big ass turbo found and can confirm that the stock pistons will run 15-16 psi all day....

    I know few guys have mentioned this but when I was building mine no one could give me a confirmed answer ... So I hope this helps any one looking at Turbo ..

    But make sure if you play with the big boost that the stock boost sensor is good for 21 psi flat out ...

    BUT don't run big boost for a period of time as Mr Blow BUY will love YOU ..You oil rings will nip up ..

    Also if u run a Stock intake mani , bolt the seems up and mine has been holding fine..

    Also run a low spring i.e 8 psi in your waste gate as you can always wind it up ..

    I hope this helps any Newbie Turbo ..

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    8psi spring ....hell no, 10-15..

    its hard to get to 25 on that small spring
    3 bar sensor is a easy upgrade

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    Would running a 8lb spring allow more preload on the wg actuator which in return will make the turbo spool faster assuming I would only want to run 15psi ?

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    I added a 8 spring but gave me 10.6 psi ..

    The external waste gate springs are a bit of hit and miss on the Tials ..

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