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    2002 GTX DI , OK I give, what is it?

    Hey gang, I am perplexed, and I am sure it is simple, perhaps to simple and I am over thinking it, question, 2002 gtx di, sitting on the ski on the left of the hull is the cool water port under the rub rail, then on the right side are 2 other ports right below the rub rail, one is the fuel vent, what is the other port for?? I see the rubber tube coming back off of it but the tubing is just laying by my battery not hooked to anything, here is the kicker, I have 2 of these skis, so I went over to the other thinking that would show me where it should go, however that one also goes to nothing and is zip tied on top of the oil tank??? I am trying to figure out why I can only use 85-90% throttle and 6050 rpm and happened to find this, not sure if it is my problem or not, but have a hard time believing there is just a misc port and hose that should just be laying in the hull doing nothing.


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    Battery vent

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wire4Money View Post
    Battery vent
    Indeed, both have Gel cells now, thanks!

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