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    Can anyone tell me what appears to have caused the failure of my motors?

    Hey fellas. Well my restored 2000 ls2000 has failed me. I bought the boat 3 years ago. It was laid up in the woods for at least seven years with the prior owner and was not taken care of at all. I did a full restoration on the boat, hull, electrical, carbs etc and the boat ran very well for the last two years. Yesterday while out on the water i drove at about 1/2-3/4 throttle for about two miles and it could not be running any smoother. I spun the boat around to head back and about 1.5 miles later i felt a sudden loss of power and i knew one of the motors turned off. I cranked it over and knew it had no compression. I shut my tow valve on that engine and drove back nice and easy on the remaining motor. I drove for about another two miles on the one motor. The dock was in sight and this engine started to break up. I took the boat home pulled the plugs and on the motor i drove home on the rear most cylinder was not moving. I do not have any pictures of that one. Apparently the rod and or piston broke. Next i pulled the plugs on the original motor that shut down and i have low compression on all three. I was thinking maybe the reed valves broke but i just pulled them and they are fine. The front cylinder has a bunch of metal laying in the reed portion of the case. The top of the piston as you can see is eaten up a little bit. All of the plugs on both motors were nice and brown and i premix as i do on my two skis 4 ounces per gallon for the last 12 years. I run 89 octane in the tank of this boat. I went to the gas station and bought more fuel from the same pump to test it. I am wondering if the octane rating is off and or there is water in the fuel. I removed the stock fuel filter system 3 years ago when i restored the boat and installed a twin racor fuel filter system. The filters are brand new as i just changed them a few days ago. I pulled the filters to see if anything looked unusual but everything looked normal. If these motors failed from old age so be it but i don't want to swing new motors in for this to happen again.

    The spark plug on the right is the front cylinder pictured.
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    What oil do you premix with and I'm not sure of that ratio. What does 4oz in 1 gal come out to be? I don't like 87 in a 65u personally.

    I had a 65u EAT a reed cause the previous owner allowed a nut to fall in the intake and the motor is still running today.

    I'd also be curious to see the fuel pump for that carb.

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    Well i pulled the cylinder off and the #1 crank bearing is gone, the rod is cracked and it looks like it started to melt. Its discolored like its black and burnt. I then pulled that carb to check it out and its clean and the fuel pump look fine. There was fuel in the pump area that spilled out. The carb adjustments were high speed 3/4 out and low speed 1-1/4. I have no idea why this happend. Last thing i can come up with is the front main seal is leaking??? I run walmart tcw-3 At 4oz which is a 32:1 ratio. Been running it for 12 years even in the stroker.

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    That's 32:1. and he said 89 octane.

    Anyway, the damaged and #2 cylinders are wayyyy too lean. That is not enough wash for a boat. If that is stock jetting, check for fuel blockage and do a leakdown next time.
    How did you "test" the gas when you went back?

    Sorry, I type slow.

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    Maybe a seal leak?

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    Think i found the problem. When i rebuilt the carbs the cut sheet i was given was for a 97-99 gp1200. The low speed settings are pretty close to the ls2000 but the high speed settings for the gp1200 and ls2000 are very different. I am just under 3/4 of a turn on carb 1 when i should be at 3/4 + or - 1/4, carb 2 i am at 1 when i should be at 1 + or - 1/4 and on carb 3 just under 3/4 when i should be at 3/4 + or - 1/4. I never had this boat stretched out for any long distances until friday when this happend. That was the longest straight run i ever did. Mostly i just pulled a tube around for the kids with an occasional full throttle blast for about a 1/2 mile. Stink because i did check the plugs and they were dark so it appeared to have fuel but i guess long pulls like i did friday just wasnt enough even for 3/4 throttle. Now i am wondering if the carbs rebuild kits i purchased for the ls2000 were for the gp1200 as well. I am running 135 mains on all three. All three have dull silver springs and 1.2 needle and seats. Cylinder 1 has a 100 pilot, cylinder 2 has a 95 pilot, and cylinder 3 has a 97.5 pilot.
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