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    1995 Sea Doo GTS 587 engine compression

    I have a 95 GTS 587 single carb engine. Had it out the other day and it run fine. Today I put a new pressure release valve and check valve on the gas tank. I could not get it to crank afterwards. It has fire, it has gas. I put gas in the cylinders and used ether. I don't think what I did caused this. Maybe it was just time for it to lay down. The compression checked 120 psi in both cylinders with my gauge. I have changed spark plugs 4 times.
    Anyway I have wasted all evening and nothing! Not sure what to check next.

    Is there a fuse in the electrical box or somewhere? that could have blown? Just rechecked everything and put in my other battery. Nothing!!!

    Update: I went back checked fuses in box. They are ok. It gets fire to plugs. You can spray ether, pour gas in breather, clean plugs, change plugs and it never hits a lick. just when I thought I was getting the little problems worked out it quits completely. Don't know what else to try.
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