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    96 Polaris SL 900 carb issues?

    Polaris SL900 carb issues

    Hello all, I am new to the forum and quiet frankly new to the PWC world I have owned many boats and been succesful at correcting issues on them BUT this Polaris is kicking my butt. Right now after replacing the plugs and removing the carbs and going thru them I am still getting a bogging affect on WOT, with the spark arrestors off I can see fire randomly through out all three carbs at different times. I noticed last night that the MAG and the PTO carbs are constantly dripping while it is idleing (which is another issue)and the center carb only shows fuel when you work the throttle. I have replaced all the fuel lines and done the pop off test on all 3 carbs and they are correct according to the Polaris manual. I pulled the reed plates to check to make sure none are cracked or chipped and they all looked fine, I did notice that the only way to get it started was starting fluid, closed choke plates will not work to get it started. The fuel sender is not working so I have those 2 wires coming out of the Ebox tied together thinking it was a limp mode problem and that hasnt seemed to make a difference, any help or thoughts would be great so I can get my daughter out on the water. This ski also has what looks like K&N style spark arrestors on it. Thanks for any ideas this ski is going to be the death of me.

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    Few things that would cause fuel dripping at idle:
    - Needle valve seat stuck open
    - Regulator arm height stick up too high
    - Clogged on return fuel line (which is on center carb)
    It seems your carbs need a proper rebuilt.

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