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    Installed xs intercooler and 15/20 lost rpm amd top speed

    Just finished a few upgrades on 215 rxp. Added a xs intercooler opas block offs riva waterbox. Amd a 15/20 solas. Ski has. a x charger 42 lbs injectors riva rear air. Intake grate and wedge. Before intercooler and prop change would run 8100 and 71 mph all day. Just took ski out and will only run 67 and around 7500. Help !

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    I would check for boost leaks to make sure your new set up is not leaking somewhere, I then would say check PROP.

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    How can I check prop . I bought this prop used from a member. It is labelled as a 15/20r. It looks new but have no idea if it has been tweaked or not. Also how can I check for boost leaks ? All coupling look good however I did not seal them with silicone would this be a good place to start ? Thanks for any advice.

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    Can you check for boost leaks while on the hose in the shop .

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    I'd say the prop needs pitching. Make sure all clamps are tight to and from ic..

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    Check all the clamps in your IC set up. Check the IC block off were your stock IC used to be. We found back in the day. The block off would leak and hose clamps could be on wrong causing a leak. If you find them all good. Then your prop is probably to big. You should be able to pull that 15-20, but SOLAS props are known to be off out of the box.

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    Found a loose clamp and I think coupler was likely leaking on intercooler will try again today. Thanks for all of your advice.
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