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    2006 Seadoo RXP cel P0344

    Hello I am new here, I got a cel code on my ski that is P0344 which is cam Cam phase sensor signal missing. I know there is a ton of threads on here but I still cant figure it out because my chain is not snapped. I just rebuilt the motor and it is about 135psi all across. I swapped the wiring harness that connects to the cps from my other ski and still have the code, also swapped mpem and ecu and I still have it. I also tried another sensor and I am still getting the code. The ski currently does not run because the code is affecting the timing. Does someone have any ideas? It would be much appreciated at this point.

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    Looking forward to what others have to say about it.
    I've got error code P0340 which is very similar to yours.
    Everything checks out ok, ski runs great but I don't want to push it much in case it really can't read the timing on it.
    If you ever find the problem, please update this tread.
    If I find what's going on with mine, I'll let you know.

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    Does it spin over normally, while cranking?
    Is there debris on the sensor? Try cleaning the surface.

    Could have corrosion on the connector pins

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