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    1997 Seadoo Challenger Cavitation

    Hey guys,I've been facing cavitation issues now for 3 months. The boat runs great and gets on plane when it's just me in it. No issues at all. As soon as I add another passenger, the boat will not go over 15 mph 5000 rpms causing it to plow through the water. If I remove the passenger, the boat will get on plane and run like a champ. I've been scratching my head with this. The only time it will get on plane with another passenger, is the first run of the day, after that, its got the cavitation issues. Parts replaced:rave valveswear ringfuel filterfuel switchcleaned carbsPlease help!!!

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    Sounds like the pump seal is leaking, the neoprene one between the jet pump and the pump support. Could also be a through hull problem, but it's more common to have a leak around the pump seal causing that.

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    I put a new neoprene seal when I reinstalled the pump.

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    What would cause the boat to work perfect with just me in it, but as soon as another passenger is added, it cavitates?

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    There are two grooves on the '97 challenger drive shaft for the o-ring that retains the stainless carrier and allows the bellows to tension the carbon seal ring to the carrier.

    Try moving the carrier farther toward the bellows and slide the o-ring to the next groove on the shaft if it isn't there already to add more compression to the carbon seal and carrier fit they will suck air from the engine bay out into the pump if it's too loose.

    If that doesn't fix it pull the pump and use a little bit of RTV around the pump face to get it sealed up, don't go crazy with the stuff it's hard to get back off afterwards glued in place.

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    Sounds just like what my twin engine challenger was doing. The high speed jet's had backed out and it was running rich. It stopped at 5,000 +/- 50 RPM just like you where hitting a rev limiter. It threw enough water up from the sides the everyone got wet in the boat. I went through the whole fuel system, changed the gas, replaced one coil that tested bad, cleaned raves, checked compression, etc...

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