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    2000 Polaris SLX 1200 require premium fuel?

    Just picked an SLX this week. Compression is great. Have not had it in the water yet. It sat for a year so I rebuilt the carbs and emptied all the fuel out.

    Do these require, or is it "highly recommended" that they use premium fuel?

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    I have a 1200 carb'ed in my Rio small 4-seater boat. I was tubing with kids... so extra drag on the boat... running 87 octane (w/ 10% ethanol)... and I melted down a piston from detonation. Now I only run premium fuel on my rebuilt engine... and it runs great. To me, it's not worth it.

    I've never had issues with 87 octane in my fuji engined 750... but I've switched it too to premium. Easier to just fill all the gas jugs the same... no worries.

    I think the strong recommendation is 91+ octane... especially if it has ethanol in it (nearly all fuel does these days).


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    My own view is that any gasoline with ethanol blend should be minimum 89 octane in a Polaris 2-stroke engine. Some guys get away with running 87 octane with ethanol, but I am not comfortable doing so.

    Personally I mainly use 91 octane gasoline without ethanol so I am as far away from trouble as possible. I will use 89 octane and/or ethanol blended gasoline if I have no other options, but I make sure to burn through it and refill with 91 without ethanol at the next opportunity.

    In my view Ethanol makes the gasoline more fragile. It is more easily degraded by moisture, poor storage conditions and time. When it does degrade it tends to reduce the effective octane level below what is was when 'fresh'.

    Moisture even in modest amounts can also trigger phase separation in ethanol gasoline which completely ruins the gasoline rendering it unusable.

    For long term storage I recommend running at least one full tank of 91 no-ethanol through the engine, then refill with the same and add a double dose of stabilizer to the fuel tank. Run the engine on the water for a few minutes to stir the tank contents and circulate the fuel stabilizer through the fuel system. Then winterize per the manual.

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