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    GP 760 (1999) for two riders ?

    I am from Germany and own a Waveraider 700 with a rebuilt engine using it on holyday on Garda Lake Italy.
    I am quite happy with this, but there are two issues, so I concidere to change:

    - It is nearly impossible to start with two persons (~ 165 kg load), it tends to capsize because the back is going down and it tends to capsize.
    The only way to start is to move the first person far forward so second person can board. We have around 170 Kg together, only swimsuit and life vest
    - it is impossible to reach full speed because it is not going stable, it is nearly kicking me from the jet, Think it is called porposing?

    I got an offer of a GP 760 from 1999 with adjustable sponsors. Will this help?

    Has anyone how this runs with two persons? The Owner told me they even used it with two person and a small child without problems for tendering from a yacht in a habor.
    Is this feasable?
    Is there a reson why a GP 1200 has the same load as the GP 760 with the same holl and 15 Kg more dry weight?

    Best Regards


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    The raider is notoriously unstable with 2 riders. There's nothing that can be done about it except get a larger ski.

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    butterbean is right. I sold my 1100 raider because of that. 2 was never an option.
    The GP is definitely more stable and listed as a 2 person ski, but it wont be very stable at all for 2 adults. The 760 is a decent motor for 1 in that lightweight hull, but it's underpowered IMO for 2 adults.

    If you are looking for a 2 up adult ski from around that era, try an XL or XLT. Even a GPR is decent. My wife actually prefers the ride/seating of the GPR to the 3 seater XLT

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    Thank for advice
    Will try to get a 800 GPR

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    I got one, built 2001 , 115 h , new carbs, good condition, paid ~ 2900 USD (2700€) prices are on a higher level than in US I think



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