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    FI Code Thrown - CAA1 (Cam Position Sensor) Help please.

    Hi Guys,

    As per the title: CAA1 Cam Position Sensor is showing up. I can't start my ski currently and before this I had trouble starting as well as unstable idling, stalling, and intermittent lack of power.

    I'd like to have a crack at sorting this myself to save some cash. I've searched as much as I can, and from what I understand I have to check/clean all connections (including making sure all wires are seated properly). Then check the sensor itself, possibly ECU if that is all ok?

    My question is, where is the cam position sensor? I can't seem to find a picture of it anywhere. Also, how to I test the sensor itself?

    Many thanks!

    EDIT: Sorry - 2008 Kawasaki 250x...

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    It's right On the head, on the rear starboard side. The only sensor in the area, easy to test and easy to replace.

    Find yourself a service manual download or buy one. It has all the info you need for testing and everything else on the craft. Good luck.

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    Have a look at my thread regarding same kind of problems. Not saying you have the same issue as me but if sensor readings check out it could be worth trying. Only takes 30 min without removing engine and a mirror and flaslight.

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