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    01 Yam XLT 1200 pv engine install ques..

    I am currently installing a remanufactured engine from SBT in my 01 xlt 1200. I have a few questions.
    - When running the wires that come out of the flywheel housing to the back of the ski should i be running those wires under the engine mounts alone the bottom of the hull or should i run them over the engine mounts to keep them off the bottom of hull?
    - the starter is connected to the block from two bolts that go into the engine block. The top screw is fine but the bottom bolt threading in the engine block side seems to have weak threads. my question is, would the starter have enough power to be able to rip out with only 1 bolt fully torqued down? the bottom bolt threads in. just not super tight. supposed to be 28ft lbs tightening, and it prob only tightens to bout half that.
    - there is a ground wire that connects to starter, where does the other end of this ground wire connect to?

    Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide, i will be posting any questions i may have as i go along or if anyone has anything that they may want to know bout this install, please feel free to ask

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    Doesn't matter too much on the wire. I think mine is threaded to the side of the engine but still along the bottom?

    As for that hole. Get a helicoil kit and properly fix it. You can buy complete kits from o'reilly's, NAPA, or autozone. They aren't cheap but better to fix it right than need to fix later.

    I believe you can ground the other end to the engine block? Either that or you could just hook it to the negative terminal.

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