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    Looking at an 09 RXP-X - Need some advice

    Hi - first post but I've found a lot of info from searching thats really helped me out on past projects.

    I'm looking at an 09 RXP-X with 77 hours. Per the current owner, it hasn't had a supercharger rebuild yet, so that would be coming up soon. I'd intended to check the compression before the lake test but didn't have the right socket.

    I went ahead with running around - that thing is a freaking beast. It was maxing out at about 7,600 rpm, which seems a little low.

    After we got it home, I did have the right tools on hand so we went ahead and checked compression hot. From back to front, I got 110/105/120.

    I'm not sure how the compression values and max RPMs fit compare to optimal numbers. For reference, I'm at 3300' of elevation and the density altitude was about 7,000 feet today. That may have affected both.

    The 15 psi variance does bother me. I'd seen in a forum post that Sea Doo's spec was 5%. If that's true, its out.

    Do you guys see the compression variance as an issue? Any other thoughts come to mind?

    Thanks in advance!


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    Welcome to the GH
    old rxps are fun to play on
    one is a little low, but it is what it is
    at that alt your down at least 25hp
    if you are going to stay at that alt you may want to re-pitch
    but I would try to get more air in her first
    a 4" intake and remove the flame arrester may get you closer to 8000

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    i bought a 2009 rxt-x and my rpm's were about 7600 also. i removed the stock intake system and made my own 3 1/2 intake an the ski sees around 8020-8040 rpms now. its a blast to ride. mine has 107 hours with stock charger on it.

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    Thanks guys! I wondered about the the effects overall of the altitude. I didn't know if the s/c would compensate.

    Would the difference in compression be an issue to you?

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    its not perfect, as long as you got a good deal you should be fine
    get that SC rebuilt soon, jerry will make sure you get a good rebuild

    thin air is thin air, cant change that
    there is no adjustments on the SC, only way to add more boost is to add RPM

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    boat only has 77 hours w/low compression & supercharger that needs rebuilt....that's 2k more $ u will spend on the engine rebuild IF it doesn't run well & u cant do it after u just rebuild the charger at $300/$400 with kit shipping back & forth and all that BS...what kind of life has it had up to now with conditions like this for sale...I just went through this so GOOD LUCK

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