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    97 GTI Turns over will not Start - Fails Timer Verification Test

    Hello all,

    I read thru the threads trying to find what impact if any failure of timer verification will do to starting a 97 GTI.

    Person brought GTI by to get it running for this year - stated Ski ran last yr but was hard starting sometimes. When he tried to go out last weekend owner stated he could not get it to start turned over but that was it replaced spark plugs and battery (still had gas in from last yr) thinking that was the problem - still could not get it to start.

    I noted it had the original gray fuel lines still in ski - and strongly recommended they get replaced asap and carb rebuilt as a starting point. I would get back to him with anything else.

    He did not think much maintenance had been done from previous owner.

    Well today I tried to see if the motor turned over/ran - got it to turnover but not catch and run..

    What has been done to date:

    Installed temp buzzer as the one on GTI is dead/inop

    Verified battery - his did not work under load so installed a shop battery for T/S

    Get two beeps when key attached to DESS Post and get right beep sequence when going into advanced mode of DESS
    (Did a check of Key and DESS post per shop manual to confirm proper ops - all readings were within specs)

    When trying to do timer verification - fails --gauges do not come on as expected.

    When Cranking - motor turns over smoothly but does not start (gauges show no response).

    Verified and gapped new plugs owner had installed. Got good spark - (trimmed spark plug cable ends) looks like fuel getting to plugs from fuel system.

    I bypassed fuel system 9with old gas) and Hung up a test bottle to see if I could get motor to run off fresh gas... to no avail

    We put some fuel directly into cylinders to see if we could at least get it to turn over and run a few seconds that way.... nope.

    I checked the resistance of ignition coil per shop manual and got 60 ohms across the spades w/i specs.

    I am wondering what impact the timer verification has on ability to start GTI or if it points to a bigger failure in the MPEM.

    I wanted to get it started/running before I pulled off carb for rebuilding... so I have not taken carb apart yet - still on the list.

    I am leaning towards a partial failure of MPEM .... or possible weak ignition coil output??? though the spark looks good ....

    Is there something simple I missed?

    Thanks for your assistance

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    After cranking for a bit are the plugs wet with fuel or oil? Have you tried a shot of carb cleaner down the carb throat to see if it fires off?

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    If you have good spark and add fuel and it does not fire what is your compression?

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    Yes tried shot of carb cleaner... fuel and oil to spark plugs...

    My bust I forgot to chk compression until today - was running about 95 psi for both cylinders - so about 30 psi below what I usually consider minimum acceptable (125 psi)

    though I thought it would still start ... but 95 is pretty low for 717 that should be in 150-160 range...

    Before I chkd the compression today - someone mentioned that the rotary valve may be out of limits also ... I had initially not gone that way as the owner talked about the ski running ok last season...

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    spark is spark, with fuel dumped in cylinders. it should have popped off, that is, unless you forgot to hold throttle wide open...

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