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    94 SLT 750 wires burntt

    Quick question to the panel.
    the wiring coming from top of the box are melted. It appears that they run to where the starter is but not sure. My question is how expensive is it to have the wires replaced? If it's too much I'm thinking of selling it for parts. I seen on ebay some wiring harness but I dont have expertise to know which ones to buy .

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    Those wires melt from a battery short, the stator is also fried & the CDI usually goes with it too, you can probably get the parts on the internet used for a couple hundred bucks, the labor to remove the flywheel to install the new stator is a pain though. I have a 94 SLT that needs some engine work & I am most likely going to sell for parts even though its in like new condition.

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