Having display issues with my 2003 GPR. On a recent ride a few weeks ago, lost part of the display, then progressed to the audible alarm staying on, could not be reset. The display overlay is cracked a little over the mode/reset button, I figured maybe some moisture got in during some aggressive riding causing the problem. Yesterday tried a good weather ride to check the display. The display started out okay, but once again, a partial display lost occurred, then the display would go dim to completely out. The ski continue to run fine the entire time, but then the steady audible alarm went off.

Is this a typical display failure and time to replace? I've read some other posts where the ski would not run due to dash failure. Does this happen with this particular year GPR? Or if all else fails, can I disable the alarm and take my short rides. I ride little these days.

If the display is defective, I have some 2000 GPR parts, possible a working dash. Is this year compatible?

I know the answer is here. Need some help. Thanks.