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    2000 GTX 951 help

    Purchased a GTX that had top end issues and no compression on the PTO piston. After tearing into it found that the piston was scored and clearly was running lean. Question is, what is the reason for it running lean? Should I just redo the carbs and put it back together with new jug and pistons in hopes that it was a fuel issue? Or do I need to dive deeper and maybe replace the crank seal? Any input is appreciated. Thanks!

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    I would go through the fuel system. If it has gray fuel lines replace them all. Clean the fuel selector valve. Clean and rebuild the carbs. The I would just have the cylinders bored. You might just do them both depending on the hours on the machine. Once you get it right it'll be a fast little machine

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    Should I still replace the crank seal for piece of mind tho? I'm not even sure it's bad but afraid to gamble on just a fuel issue leaning it out...

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    Pull the carbs apart for inspection first. I've done several with filthy carbs that ran lean and screwed the top end. If carb internal filters are obviously the culprit then I would have no worries depending upon the hours. If it's got 175 or more just go ahead and do full teardown for inspection of lower end bearings and re-assemble with all new seals and gaskets.

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