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    Exclusive: Kevin Reiterer Unveils Sea-Doo Centre’s SDC Trak 903

    Over a month ago, The Watercraft Journal brought you a whole lot of leaked information on Les Cooke’s all-new brainchild, the Sea-Doo Centre SDC Trak 903 standup ski. As per our article, the SDC Trak 903 debuted at the 2015 Jetcross World Cup in Doncaster, UK. Now, after the race and the Trak’s unveiling, The Watercraft Journal sat down with multi-world champion Kevin Reiterer who raced the Sea-Doo Centre ski and played a major role in its development:

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com
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    Awesome. Thank you for the information. I like the idea that they are looking at a kit. So you can purchase a spark then build the standup with it.

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