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    Total loss ignition

    Does anybody know how it works or know how to set it up on a seadoo hx? Could you explain it to me? What all do I need or what all is involved? Thanks

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    I will tell you what little I know about total loss ignitions. I hope another member with more knowledge will also reply.
    Simply total loss means the power source is 100% consumed by the ignition. What this means is the charging system is removed and not functioning. IMHO a total loss ignition is not worth the hassle on a stock Seadoo. The advantage of a total loss ignition is the the ability to program custom timing curves based on fueling and powerband requirements. The second advantage is in the ability to program higher RPM cutoffs.

    Some might argue that total loss offers hotter multiple sparks and less plug fouling. This is true but on a stock Seadoo you can achieve the same time through changing plug heat ranges, using Iridium plugs, proper carb tuning.

    If what you want is more power or speed start with the pump. (new wearing, aftermarket impellor). Ensure carbs have been rebuilt, cleaned, properly adjusted. Finally a aftermarket pipe.

    Total loss ignition are reserved for highly modified race engines with specific tuning needs. If you don't have a modified engine and don't know how to tune then I advice against a total loss ignition. Improper timing can destroy your engine! On a stock Seadoo a total loss ignition isn't going to make you faster.

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    Thanks truck240, I've got 4 96 seadoo xp and one is a retired limited racing ski, one has a few mods, and two are fairly stock. I bought a complete modified race engine for one of my skis and was wondering if I should go ahead and run total loss on that engine or not. I know about carbs and tuning but I am more familiar building Yamaha banshee and yfz450 quads. I can do those carbs with my eyes closed lol. The only thing that messes with me is I'm not used to tuning on water lol. I just didn't know if it was worth doing total loss or not. I want one of my skis to be all out but that's where I ask for help and other people's experience.

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