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    The Fish I Catch, The Things I See

    Today I took one of my Jet Skis out in the Chesapeake Bay and ran around looking for Cobia, I found this one hiding under a Sea Turtle!
    He ate a live eel I tossed at him, it was a blast, 15 minutes and several laps around my jet later I had him in the net and on my ski. Gave him a 50 mph ride back to my dock.

    I took this picture of the sun rising behind a buoy in the shipping lanes.

    Had the Navy vessel "San Antonio" go by me while I was out.

    I stood outside in my back yard two nights ago trying to get these pictures of two Osprey with moon behind them.

    "Under a Moonlit Sky"

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    Nice fish , eat it while it's fresh and there is nothing better,,,,

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