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    Trouble shooting oil pump help please!!!

    2002 Virage domestic twin. How can I tell if my oil pump is functioning properly? I recently rebuilt the top end, replaced all lines with clear and I have bled the pump. I have about an inch of air in the line just before the carb. Took the line off, briefly started it. Should oil be spurting out of the line or does the vacuum of the carb draw it in? I'm lost, don't want to run lean again. Help please!

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    The oil pump moves oil rather slowly, especially at idle throttle with the oil pump arm connected normally.

    If you disconnect the oil pump cable or manually hold the pump arm up then the oil pump will move oil faster, but it is still not going to be a fast stream. Remember that the engine burns roughly 100:1 fuel to oil at low RPM at about 40:1 at higher RPM.

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    Thanks K. I think I'm just going to add some oil to the fuel and go about the normal break in process. Hopefully by the end of the cycle, I'll see the oil reaching the carb with no damage done to the Pistons!

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    Premixing at least the first tank is always a good idea after working on the oil injection system.

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    Once you premix the tank then the test is easy.

    Yank an oil line you can see easily and suck an inch or two of oil out of it, yank the oil feed lever to full and crank it.

    The oil kind of moves in spurts.

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    I had the same problem with oil not reaching the end of the lines. I removed the oil pump from the block, chucked the pump drive shaft into my drill and ran it in reverse. The oil slowly moved up the lines to the top. I then plugged the lines, remounted the pump and then connected the oil lines to the oil check valves. The oil does move very slowly when idling.

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