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    Yamaha FX SHO 2009 wont start, no electric power to the fuel pump.

    Greetings to all.
    I have a yamaha fx sho 2009 with 140 hours. Yesterday I was surfing and suddenly the jetski started to lose power until it is completely stopped. Since then the engine has not already started.

    Once in port I could see how the problem is that the fuel pump does not work, removing the main fuel hose and operating the starter no gas flow.

    I checked the fuses and are all well, I changed the two relays (ETV and the Main relay and fuel pump) and still get power to the fuel pump.

    When puss the power button starter motor moves perfectly and the picture is illuminated properly but still without electric current to the fuel pump.
    The battery is new, connections and wiring looks perfect.

    Where you can be the problem? There is a sensor / relay more that can be the cause of the fault? What else I can check? Table of codes I get 01 so do not use to me.
    It is clearly electrical problem. But it can be?

    I apologize for using the translator, I hope I may know
    I need your help. A greeting and thanks in advance.

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    Replace the fuel pump.

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    Fuel pump works well. It is proven.

    The problem is that it does not get power to the fuel pump.


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    Did you find the problem?? The same thing is happening to me now. I'm thinking it's the main/fuel relay??

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    [Quote = yazrx01; 2679055] ¿Ha encontrado el problema ?? Lo mismo me está pasando ahora. Estoy pensando que es el relé principal / combustible ?? [/ quote]

    Yes, I found the problem. It turned out the ground wire of the fuel pump.
    This wire runs from the record of the fuel pump to the ground plate located on the right rear of the engine.
    Check continuity of the cable to see if this cut somewhere. In my case the problem was on the tab connections earth plate, played this cable and it worked, sometimes the connections of the chips are not perfect.
    Remove the fuel hose that goes to the entrance ramp and see if the pump works. You can also make a bridge directly from the engine to the fuel pump with the ground wire to see if the problem is there.
    I hope that helps, if you solve it known around here.

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    Thanks for getting back to me. I'm having a problem with my ground connector also. How did you fix it. Thanks

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    I found the problem. It was the bottom connector to the earth plate. The plastic around the bottom pin on the connector was cracked and not making good contact. I see that you race in the hydros. I've been to a few races as a spectator in Polk and Tavares. Good times!!! Thanks again

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