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    65u sleeves and pistons in a 62t or 61x cylinder okay???

    So I have a lot of crap engines at my house and want to build a frakenstein 701 for an old superjet.

    My most compete motor is a 62t 701. It has 150/70 compression.
    I have a 65u with 1 bad and two good cylinders
    I also have some good old pistons that are from a 1200.
    Finally I have a freshwater 701 cylinder but bad sleeves.

    What I would like to do:
    62t bottom end
    61x fresh water cylinder with 65u sleeves/pistons
    61x head
    61x exhaust

    Sadly I have a minty fresh 6m6 motor but I'm having to sell it to free up some funds. Then again...I'm not a 650 fan and love the idea of a mutt motor.



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    a little more research. Seems the 62t cylinder will accept 760 sleeves and seeing as how a gp1200 is a three cylinder 760...hopefully those two good ones will slide right in my cylinder.

    So I'll have:
    62t case
    62t cylinder
    65U 2 of 3 sleeves
    61X exhaust

    Gotta figure out which head to use. I'll try a few and check compression!

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    I don't think the 61x exhaust will work well. A 760 exhaust would be ideal.

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    Yeah I was doin some reading. You're right. The 760 exhaust flows A LOT more. I can't put that exhaust in a superjet though. cause of it's routing. Currently I'm thinking to bore the oem 61x sleeves to 84mm and then run the b pipe. I have a 61x with an ada head/ b pipe and single 44 sbn in my other superjet and it revs like a KTM 125cc dirtbike! It's amazing!

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