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    STX-R Exhaust Temp Sensor - Took it out and weird smelling oil on it?

    Hi Guys

    I've been having some overheat / limp mode issues with my STX-R, i can't get a new sensor quickly (which is what i think the issue is) so i took a look at the current one to clean it up and when i took it out, there was a slightly yellowish weird smelling oil on it - is that normal in the exhaust?

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    There should be and oil in the sensor hole, normal. Clean it out, before you put in the new sensor
    Then put some 10W30 engine oil in the sensor hole (roll ski on its right side) fill the hole almost to the top, and then screw in the new sensor.
    The oil is required for heat transfer from the exhaust to the sensor.

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    Normal, do you have an owners manual?

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    Ha, yeah, I found out last night, the hard way, those sensors are on backorder from Kawi. Of course with no e.t.a.

    There's a dealer in Chicago that might have stock left.

    I actually ended up testing mine and it's working properly.

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    Find a used one for testing

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    I asked if you had an owners manual since i would be happy to email you one...

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    Guys thanks for this, i have now downloaded an owners manual!

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    And thank you turbo man

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