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    2004 max 150 failed water pump

    Hello even one newbie here owned the machine for a couple weeks i found out water pump is not working and removed water pump housing found the gear is possibly stripped what are my options for repair I have been doing repairs without removing engine about to remove flywheel and stator and housing

    What are best options and what parts should I order

    Do I actually need to remove motor

    Thanks any takers please help

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    Not sure if it can be replaced without pulling the motor, but there is an upgraded plastic water pump gear. The best fix is to switch to the metal gears that the FST engines have, but this requires engine disassembly and new shafts etc. is a good source for parts. I'm sure one of the gurus will be by here in a bit for more detailed advice.

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    Welcome to GH Mainman!

    My MSX also originally came with a stripped plastic waterpump drive gear. Known weak point on MSX 110/150. Later gen Webers used all metal gears. In my case, the engine overheat was bad enough to warp the block and blow the headgasket. Hope yours didn't overheat that badly.

    To go that deep into the front of the engine, you need to pull the engine out of the ski. All the front covers have to come off to get to the gears. Then you'll have to use a gear puller to remove the counter-balance shaft gear to get to the plastic waterpump drive gear behind it. Or if your rebuilding the engine and have the block split, you don't need to pull that gear.

    You're also going to want to inspect and test everything else too. Oil level, signs for oil ingestion, coolant oil slick, compression, etc.


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